Travelled up by train from Barcelona Friday morning – a four hour trip. A beautiful Little Spanish boy fell asleep on me for a couple of hours 🙂

Taxi to the Hotel Pamplona Catedral which seems to be four stars. I like a hotel where the lovely young girl behind the desk gives you a map of Pamplona, and says : “This is where the best beer is, this street has the best tapas. Now, do you need a restaurant tonight – or will beers and tapas do?”

And I saw my first Camino sign posts and my first few pilgrims.


A couple of photos of the main sqaure where they used to hold bullfights up until about 1935 (then they built a proper bullring). Hemingway would watch the fights from the balcony of his hotel. Quite like Pamplona: you see a lot of Basque flags flying from balconies, and the odd “Independencia” flag. I came across English graffitti “This is NOT SPAIN” in my wanderings.

But I have lucked out ……….

It was Friday night and I had stumbled into Pamplona during the XIX SEMANA DEL PINCHO DE NAVARRA (19 Annual Week of Celebration of the local Pinchos (Tapas) in Basque. They have published a map of 63 cafes, bars and restaurants serving traditional pincho specialties.

Undaunted, your intrepid corresponent sallied forth into the crowded streets and found heaven!




I wasn’t comfortable enough in my limited Spanish to go to more than one place and try a tapa from each – but I might tonight 🙂



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