Camino Stage 5: Puente La Reina to Estella


Essentially this was really just a nice walk on a lovely spring day at about 22C.

A reasonably short distance with some ascents but short enough that you could pace yourself and take breaks as you reached the little hill towns that you reached on the way. There seems to be a loose group forming of hose who are basically on the same Camino schedule. I think we have dropped off those who had arrived around Easter for a week’s walking, and now you see the same faces, if not one day then another – the American sisters, Deb and Gina, Jean-Francois from France, Alex from England, Dwayne the American pastor (only an American pastor could be named that), the NZ couple James and Camille, and others whose names you may not know – but it matters not.

The group might string out over a couple of kilometres or more but keeps the contact in the cafe drink stops or the ridge crests during the day – like Mont Perdon with the statues yesterday.

And finally you finish up having a refreshing ale in the square outside the church in Estella in the early Sunday afternoon with some of the group as they trooped in, before going off to our various lodgings.



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