Camino Stage 6: Estella to Los Arcos

More of the same really: just another nice day with plenty of time to do it in. A climb in the early morning, A rest and drink at the village of Arquette on  the way up and then at the crest of Montjardin. Then downhill all the way to Los Arcos.

I will mainly just leave it to the pictures today. After the climb out of Estella the Camino passes by a famous fountain provided by the wine makers of the area. Two taps – one for water and the other red wine. Tradition has it that you have a sip, but 8:30am was too early for me! And in any case I would have had to push past the Germans on to their second glass and taking photos of each other…


But then it was just was an easy short day through nice farming country and well kept villages again. I just settled into my pace, the blue pack with my water, food, and polo fleece, was sitting snugly into the small of my back and it was nicely on my hips. I was feeling very comfortable and just settled into the rhythm of the waking poles, and let the kilometres pass.


A group of French pilgrims asked for a photo just outside of the nice little village of Arquette (7km from Estella), and obliged by returning the favour.





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