Camino Stage 7: Los Arcos to Logrono


I knew this was going to be a long day and it would be getting warmer throughout the afternoon. This was showing in the guide at 27.8km, the furtherest that I had walked so far. My GPS tracking eventually showed 29.2km and it reached 27C. A tough day and I felt pretty beaten up and dry by the time I reached Logrono mid afternoon. I have a morning routine now: fill the water bottles, SPF 50+ roll on for the face and peeling nose, lip balm for the cracked lips, turn the GPS on, jam the hat on, sunglasses and off…      IMG_1374








But this was a long day and most stayed at the pretty medieval village of Viano before the last 10 km to the capital of the Rioja wine country, Logrono.

This was a good decision. This stage is unnecessarily long and, honestly, the last 10km between Viano and Logrono are hot, boring, a little industrial and along main roads, and in some places ugly. I would have been better advised to overnight in Viano. Still have a rest day in Logrono, but just travel by bus or taxi after breakfast from Viano. At the speed the Spaniards go on that road it would only take 5 minutes.

But the saving grace after trudging into Logrono in mid afternoon was the nice hotel, Il Hotel Mayor. Another comfortable room that I didn’t wish to leave quickly. Even after drinking some 3 litres en route, I was feeling dry and weary, but a shower, rest and a couple of pinchos later, I was in better spirits.

I am really glad that I scheduled another rest day here. Nice place, but now, the day after arriving, and after 10 hours solid sleep, I am still stiff and a little tired. Scheduled for 30kms tomorrow and it is forecast to rain from this afternoon through to tomorrow morning; so I’ll see how I’m going then.

Not many pics yesterday – so I’ll finish with some roadside poppies for Anzac Day.



2 responses to “Camino Stage 7: Los Arcos to Logrono

  1. Gosh jeff – it all looks fantastic . I’m hugely envious. So good you have had fine weather & are getting into the daily walking routine. It all looks idyllic . Cris & david

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