Camino Stage 8: Logrono to Najera


I woke up after the rest day still tired and unwilling to hit the road.  I’d hit a flat spot after the 30km two days before. Rain was forecast all over the region in the morning but it would clear in the afternoon, and I was just lingering over breakfast unwilling to begin what was another 30km hike. And frankly I wasn’t sure I might make another 30km on that day.

I compromised and walked up a couple of blocks and got the bus about 8 km to the first town, Navarette, then walked from there to Najera. Not a lot to report, it was still cold and I was gradually climbing as I went, but hardly noticeable. Everyone I saw was hurrying along, scurrying along head down, the fairly wide path to try get to Najera before the rain came.

it was windy and cold – it never got above 5C all day – and even though I had three layers on including a full base layer, my eyes and nose were continually running with the wind. So not a day for many photographs.

So I sniffed, snuffled and shuffled along to Najera.

After around 20km, I reached the outskirts of Najera. You approach this town from the more recent areas on the other side of the river from the ancient old town. This area is pretty ugly and run down, there were no Camino markings and even street names were few and far between. I knew I was close to my hostel for the evening but I was a little lost and spotty rain had started. I could only head down hill and expect to find the river to orient myself and eventually I made it to the hostel.

The day ended well. I went across to have a look at the old town, bumped into I knew and seven of us enjoyed a Pilgrim’s meal together.






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