Camino Stage 10: Santo Domingo to Bolorado

Santo Domingo is a very old city and one of the lynchpins of the Camino. Saint Dominic dedicated his life to improving the way for the Medieval pilgrims, building bridges, churches and pilgrim hospitals in this region. The hospital he built is now a very high class Parador (5 star plus tourist hotel) managed by the Spanish government. As you walk around or past these buildings and perhaps touch the stones, you might realise that you are touching something built one thousand years ago and still in use today.

But it was getting really cold and I had a nice night mainly staying in the Hostal La Molina de Floren. There were four Spanish couples there who always came back to do a week  Camino from where they left off the year before, and it was a pleasant evening.
But even fortified by a meal of Bacalau a La Rioja the night before, it was still cold – 2C as I left the city and headed towards the next stop – the little town of Bolorado on the way to the next big city, Burgos. 

But it was a nice easy day’s walk, still climbing all the time, the forecast rain again did not eventuate and eventually I reached Bolorado early in the afternoon and met up again with some peregrinos I knew in the sunny main square of the little town.

Feeling strong and twenty km is fairly easy now. My knee is feeling great (and I think is improving with the climbs). My only physical problem at the moment is that I have developed my first blister. Even wearing two pairs of socks, I think I didn’t lace the boot up tightly enough. All good, I have a medical kit salvaged from the left overs of a medical practice in my pack and I can fix it easily.


2 responses to “Camino Stage 10: Santo Domingo to Bolorado

  1. Thanks. Might have to go out later and treat myself to a meal in the main square. Lools like it will be fine for the next 4 or 5 days as I get up into the high plains. All good, Cheers Jeff


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