Camino Stage 13: Burgos to Hornillos del Camino


The adventure continues. Today was my birthday and I received internet video calls from both of my sons – a great way to start the day! Thank you, guys.

So, starting a little later, I made my way through the suburbs of Burgos and out into open country after about 4km. This was much more pleasant than the entry to Burgos as it contained more parkland and passed through the University of Burgos precinct.

This was the day that I started to leave the valleys and start to climb up toward the Meseta – the central plateau of Spain at about 800m. The destination today, Hornillos del Camino, seems to be the jumping off point for the Camino. Most of the towns I go through in this section appear to be small villages essentially with small. Numbers of people. This is the heart of the rural Camino Frances. There might only be two or three places where you can arrange a bed for the night and perhaps one or two restaurant/cafe/bars where you can find a meal. The meal will be served at a set time to all of the travellers at once – three course cheap Menu Del Dia.

You can see so far ahead that if you can look closely at the picture below you can spot pilgrim after pilgrim – some just specks – marching toward Hornillas.


Interestingly, I wasn’t actually staying in Hornillos. On arrival, I had to go to a particular bar, show the attendant the voucher, and she rang the hotel about 5km out of town to come and fetch me. There was nothing to do in the new village except stay in the hotel and try to connect via wifi. But luckily I met up again with Denis from Cherrybrook and Angela from Melbourne and a new South African couple, Tom and Jenny, who now live in England.

The destination, Hornillas del Camino, with the Meseta behind to the right.

To cut a long story short: one thing led to another and I mentioned to someone that it was my birthday day and that I had had calls from the boys. We had to celebrate the birthday (in European time now). Actually I think they were just relieved that I was the oldest one there!


One response to “Camino Stage 13: Burgos to Hornillos del Camino

  1. Happy Birthday Geoff your coverage is like being there and such great photos Cheers Paul and Sue


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