Camino Stage 14: Hornillas del Camino to Castrojeriz




A late start after the fun of night before but mainly because we were waiting for the owner to turn up so that we could pay him for dinner and he was to drive us the 5km or so back to start again in Hornillas del Camino.

Suffice to say 1 or 2 of our party were feeling a little worse for wear – but not your humble correspondent. I’m thinking of you, Tom.

We had an easy 19km day in front of us and I walked with Tom and Jenny from South Africa/England. We climbed back up to the Meseta and had a pleasant day walking and stopping at a cafe when we needed a break. But we reached Castrojeriz – an ancient town with a ruined castle on the heights above it – in the very early afternoon.

The country we were going through was high and flat – wide horizons. Suddenly you could see tens of pilgrims up to 4 or 5 kilometres ahead. The guide book calls this the lonely Meseta but this year it seems to be full of early pilgrims in May – a lot of newly seen faces seem to have started in Burgos.



It is amazing how many wind turbines there are in Spain. On the Meseta you can literally scan the horizon and see fifty or more on any day. Spain apparently ranks second globally for the amount of electricity generated by wind. Coming first is India (!!) – do our coal minded politicians know this?

And I had my first experience of The Spanish wildlife. You always hear birds, but this morning a little furry thing – maybe a field mouse (but it looked too big) or a Pygmy Hamster – scurried across the path in front of me, then a baby snake slithered across. (That answers my question to self about whether Spain has snakes – I’ll be really paranoid now). And lastly, breathing deeply, I must have sucked in one of the little black bugs that are always flying around, and it promptly stung me on the tongue! Ouch.

But soon we had the night’s destination in sight,made it to the hotel (and the three of us had a quieter night and a great meal at a local tavern).


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