Camino Stage 15: Castrojeriz to Boadilla del Camino


I left Castrojeriz with my friends Tom and Jenny from South Africa at 7am. 

I only had a 20km day to travel. By around 9:30am we had covered 9km and stopped for breakfast (Bocadilla Patata again!) at the first village, Itero de la Vega. They are nice people and pleasant to walk with and we chatted without forcing the pace. Most discussion was whether the trees on the side of the path were poplars. 

We are leaving our overnight stops (in shallow river valleys) and climbing each morning back up to the Meseta proper at around 800m. The Meseta (Spanish for plateau) covers 40% of Spain, and Spain is a vast country. We will walk across the plateau for about 140km, getting ever closer to the mountains before the Provincia of Galicia and Santiago de Compostela. We entered a new Provincia today and so far have walked some 360 kilometres.


Together we ambled a pleasant 20km to my next stop, Boadilla del Camino, and stopped for lunch, whereupon we caught up again with Denis and Angela (and later Claire from Nantes in France) – the birthday party group was back together! Tom and Jenny left after lunch to go another 5km to their hostal in Fromista. I hope to catch up with them again in a day or two, or three – nice people.

My phone has been acting up and these photos are courtesy of Tom:

Our luggage hadn’t arrived and the cafe was full of peregrinos. It was only noon so we settled in for a refreshment. Claire arrived after walking on blisters for 3 hours. It was up to (Corporate) Docteur Denis, from Cherrybrook, to administer first aid. There’s no pharmacy in this village.


 All in all a pleasant and convivial day. We will get together again for dinner. To top it off, the hotel guy asked who in the group was the famous Jeff Mills (not me, the African American musician) and gave me a great room. All good.


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