Camino Stage 16: Boadilla del Camino to Carrión de Los Condes

Just a short write up today because I want to share lots of photos of a beautiful hotel I’m currently staying in – the Hotel Real Monasterio de San Zollo just outside Carrión de Los Condos about 60km east of the large city of Léon.

But first the walk: it was a long day, over 25km ahead of me, and I left Boadilla at 7:15am. Easy flat walking and after getting a km or so out of the town, the path ran alongside the Canal de Castilla for the first 5km to the next town, Fromista.


I have been very interested in walking some of the Meseta alone. I got into my rhythm along the canal and there wasn’t another soul in sight. I was lost in my thoughts, and when a bird called sharply from the bull rushes next to me and brought me back, I realised that the only sounds I could hear were the crunch crunch of my boots, the tap of the pole, and a cuckoo chiming from the poplars on the other side.

Most of the walk was like the other days – long stretches of wide paths beside the main regional road or a diversion to get away from the road (and the trucks and noise) and taking an alternative path along a small creek for 6 or 7km. The horizon seems endless here.


But now for the hotel. The core of this hotel is a monastery completed in 1057 – nearly one thousand years ago. It has of course been extensively renovated since and cloisters, courtyards and extensions added, but my companions and I we allowed to tour the monastery.

I’ve just thrown up the photos in no particular order to give readers a wide impression – after walking nearly 27km by the end of the stage to get to the hotel, I am appreciating the luxury


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