Camino Stage 25: Molinaseca to Villafranca del Bierzo

I might just let the photos do the talking for this day. After yesterday’s fairly rough and long day, this was another hard one. All the talk from everyone we knew in the town of Molinaseca the previous night was of how hard that day had been – particularly the 1,000 metres of descent after the climb to the pass.

it started out fine with an 8am start and an easy 5km to the bigger neighbouring town of Ponferrada. This was a Templar town with a still magnificent castle,

But the rest of  today was a long slog of 30km – flat but with the temperature getting up to about 27C and mostly through open fields and vineyard country with little shade. Ordinarily it would have been fine, but I think I was running on empty after the previous day, feel a little weary and sore in the legs. My right knee is again twice the size of the left after the descent, and I was glad for the flat country. I drank every bit of water I was carrying during the day as well as a few Coke Zeros in cafes along the way. The day required 8 hours of walking overall.

The relieving factor was the attractiveness of some of the towns on the route, especially Cacabelos where Angela stayed as I pushed on the extra 10 kilometres. This is rich wine country and the towns look it – fine stone houses and renovated buildings and crowded narrow streets.

And I was sitting in a cafe with a Coke, after walking the first 17 kilometres and getting past halfway, when logging on to the free wifi I suddenly had an internet voice call from Michael and Erin – the wonders of modern communications.

See if you can spot the stork in its nest near the church. They put the thin towers up to stop the storks using the churches.

Today also took me just over the 600km mark. Now to just get over the next pass and head downhill!





2 responses to “Camino Stage 25: Molinaseca to Villafranca del Bierzo

  1. Jeff – I can’t believe that your camino is drawing to a close. Relish this last stage & enjoy every moment. I am enjoying following your progress.
    Congrats from both of us on forthcoming grandparenthood. Cris & david


    • You two have my new RESPECT for going over those passes. I hadn’t realised quite what you had achieved.

      Looks like I’ll be waiting a while longer to be a grandad – massive rare complications. Very sad for them


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