Camino Stage 29: Triacastela to Sarria

Today was just a nice walk through pleasant countryside. I can truly just let the photos present the story.

From last night’s stop in Triacastela, the Camino splits into two alternative routes. One essentially is a path beside the main road for about 26km via the town of Samos (marked in the Google Earth map above), and the second route is roughly 6km shorter, but you have to walk over a hill in between. After walking over 600km, no one wants to walk an extra kilometre, let alone 6 kilometres – and not beside a busy road. Everyone seemed to be taking  the hill route.

The climb starts immediately from Triacastela, as the altitude profile shows, and you climb for about 4km to the hamlet of San Xil and back up to about 950m.

So first uphill (the group in these shots are the French people I had dinner with at the Casa Rodriguez two nights previously):

And then really easy walking, winding down through some lovely dark oak forests….

Until tonight’s stop in the regional town of Sarria came into sight. The walk was completely uneventful and only took around 4 and a half hours. I was in the hotel by about 1pm (so I’ve had time to get the blog done promptly 🙂).


Sarria is the last biggish town that I will stay in before reaching Santiago next Thursday, 25th May. It’s Friday afternoon, 19th May, here now, and ‘Yes’, I had to check what day it was! It’s also where I will have a last rest day before completing the Camino. I’m actually not sure that I need this rest day as I’m feeling a lot fitter nad strong in the legs (but hindsight is easy).

It is interesting how your mindset changes – it is said there are three stages to the full Camino and I am definitely in the third stage now; enjoying but now it is primarily about reaching the goal. I am about 110-120km away from Santiago – or 5 days walk.



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