Camino Stage 32: Camino Primitivo to Melide and Arzúa


Having found myself 10km north of Palas de Rei, I had found out from mine host the night before that I could walk 12km of the Camino Primitivo down to rejoin the Camino Frances in Melide. And it would save me 3km. All I had to do was walk over the mountain in between.

There is something nice about being taken out the back of the building, being told ‘just walk to the end of the stone wall, turn left and follow that path over the mountain, then follow the signs to Melide’, and knowing that you can do it and (literally) take it in your stride. I simply have to keep this up.

And it was a lovely walk and a complete relief after the crowds on the C. Frances. Over the hill there were long views over the surrounding country, and then it was down through shady paths and across streams. And I only saw 5 other walkers all morning.


It was a bit of a slog though during the last 12km from Melide to Arzúa. The temperature was to get up to 32C, and I was looking forward to a beer when I followed the instructions and turned left at the Repsol service station just before the town to join the other Raw Travellers in what would be our last night on the Camino in the same lodgings.

Overall a really nice day, and now there were only two more to go and I was about 40km from Santiago.


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